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Kasturi Manjal (Musk Turmeric Powder)

Buy Kerala Ayurveda Kasturi Manjal (Musk Turmeric Powder)

Kasturi Manjal (Musk Turmeric Powder)

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This original white wild turmeric powder/Kasturi Turmeric/Musk Turmeric or Curcuma Aromatica is extremely rare and is handpicked from organic farms of Western Ghats of Kerala, shade-dried and finely milled to perfection. It has a cream/ivory color and it gives an instant cooling sensation from first use itself.  It causes no burning sensation and gives a cooling effect to skin. 

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Original Kerala Kasturi Manjal / Musk Turmeric / Curcuma Aromatica

This original white wild turmeric powder/Kasturi Turmeric/Musk Turmeric or Curcuma Aromatica is extremely rare and is handpicked from organic farms of Western Ghats of Kerala, shade-dried and finely milled to perfection. It has a cream/ivory color and it gives an instant cooling sensation from first use itself.  It causes no burning sensation and gives a cooling effect to skin. 

Kasturi Manjal has a unique and natural uplifting aroma. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties which are proven to fight against acne causing bacteria. The antioxidant properties of the wild turmeric help in preserving your skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun and helps rejuvenate your skin. Removes dead skin cells and deep cleanse your skin pores and provides a natural radiance and glow to the skin.

You can observe increased skin luminosity with regular use and give natural glow to your face and skin. Removes unwanted facial hair naturally. Improves skin luminosity with regular use.
This original white wild turmeric powder/Kasturi turmeric/musk turmeric or curcuma aromatica is extremely rare and is handpicked from organic farms of Western Ghats of Kerala.
  • It has a cream/light brown color and it gives an instant cooling sensation from first use itself.
  • It’s scientific name is curcuma aromatica
  • It’s NOT THE SAME AS poolankilangu / mango turmeric or white turmeric or amba haldi or curcuma zedoaria
    It has a faint camphor smell and strong musk aroma to it.
  • It causes no burning sensation and gives a cooling effect to skin.
  • This doesn’t leave any stain unlike the yellow variant and has a natural musk and camphor smell to it.
  • Helps to reduce acne, blemishes, pigmentation, stretch marks etc. with regular use.
  • Use it alone as a face pack regularly for a healthy and naturally glowing complexion.
  • Can be used for all skintypes even for sensitive, dry and combination skin.

How this is different from our Yellow Manjal face pack

Shesha Ayurveda Yellow Manjal is a unique combination of organic yellow curcumin (curcuma zedoaria) + curcuma aromatica+ lemon and orange peel along with handpicked tulsi leaves. While it does a great job in clearing out acne, even out skintone etc. Due to the presence of lemon, It could be harsh on sensitive skin types. Also, it gives yellow stain and few might experience a tingling sensation. Best way to use Shesha Yellow Manjal face pack is by mixing with curd. Both helps fades away acne, spots etc and also brighten overall complexion, reduce facial hair if used for a long time. Buy Kasturi Manjal Online from Shesha Ayurveda

Mix with normal water/pure rose water and apply this as a face pack. Wash off once dried.

Store in a Cool and Dry place. For External use only.

CAUTION : Natural Ingredients can be allergic to some people. Test patch on inner elbow and leave for thirty minutes. Discontinue if irritation occurs.
Shelf Life - Best before 12 months from the date of manufacture.
Once opened, use within 3 months

Additional information

Weight50 g
Ingredients: Organic Kasturi Manjal (Curcuma Aromatica)
Contains No Preservatives, fillers etc and so it is very important that it’s stored in a dry place and should not get water contact.

Note : All of the ingredients used in our ubtans and powder products are harvested organically.. Our ingredients are sourced from small farms and independent organic farmers who don't use fertilizers and pesticides. Due to its nature and way it's produced, these ingredients more vulnerable to contamination if not used properly. All of these ingredients are raw by nature. While majority are edible, few has sweet characteristics. If exposed to moisture it might attract insects..

Once opened, We suggest you always keep our product jar away from moisture and don’t let any form of liquid comes in contact with jar or lid or stopper. Be sure to use a clean, sun dried wooden spoon to scoop the product. Take the required amount first and secure lid as fast as you can and store in a dry place. once opened. Use within 3 months of opening.

20 reviews for Kasturi Manjal (Musk Turmeric Powder)

  1. Harshini

    I wanted to share my experience with musk tumeric, I Have a combination skin and I do get acne and have acne scars, I am a person who is so allergic to tumeric any kind of tumeric, and thanks to Shesha for launching this beauty and definitely a boon product to treat your acne, it gives you a good cooling sensation to skin also, I could see reduction in acne sacrs and oilness over my skin

  2. Rajasree Yarlagadda

    This is a miraculous product! It instantly brightens your skin and gives a fresh look to your skin. Its a must buy product from shesha !

  3. Sinchana S Hegde (verified owner)

    Miracle product. Good for oily and acne prone skin.

  4. Pooja Manjrekar (verified owner)

    Excellent product ..Safe for sensitive acne prone skin..Best results after first application only

  5. Foram Shah (verified owner)

    I get hormonal acne during periods and have dry skin so choosing any skin care product is a challenge. I had read rave reviews about this face pack and I finally bought it last month. I cannot believe that I waited so long to try it out! It gives an instant cooling sensation to skin, very acne-friendly, and for dry skin I mix it with a bit of curd so that helps too. Just love this pack.

  6. Meena Dencharwal (verified owner)

    I don’t have words how much i love this product its natural,effective. It showed result only after first use.totally worth the skin is dry so i use it with milk my skin fresh ,soft .it help me reducing my pigmention tremendously love love .i will definitely try other products from this brand

  7. Shreya Agarwal (verified owner)

    Most favourite product from the brand. Didn’t stop using it from the day I had used it first. As I was new to ayurvedic it was my first purchase from SheshaAyurveda. The calming and cooling sensation after applying and the smoothness and glow after washing are genuinely the results everyone wants. Plus the particle size is perfectly fine which works as a scrub as well. Can’t recommend it enough.

  8. Narmadha Srinivasan (verified owner)

    The best mask! Loved it soooo soo much, its jus soothes the skin like no other.also helps with instant brightening.🥰will be my repurshase.

  9. Nush

    I have tried lots of chemical containing products to reduce my pigmentation and dullness from my skin but nothing works. My friend suggested me to use Shesha Ayurveda kasturi Manjal After using it for few days my pigmentation got reduced upto some extent. Most important thing it is free from harmful chemicals and suits to all skin types. According to me it is must buy you should definitely try this 😍😍😍😍

  10. Neha ambati

    Seriously …. Being a girl with acne i have tried every face mask ,sheet mask etc nthg worked … I have gave up on using products then randomly i saw this page so i thought lets try with some products … I have ordered WHITE KASTURI MANJAL,TEJASWINI FACE CLEANSER,NALAPAMRADI TAILAM… I started using kasturi manjal with aleovera gel every alternate day … Its miraculous…. Seriously now i have no pimples just scars but eventually decreasing …. I used to use it weekly once but @cluebeauty (blogger) recommended me to use it alternate day … Its a must have product for every girl seriously …. Even i have gifted to my cousin she is in love with it … Recently in sale ordered ELADI TAILAM,BODY UBTAN ,NALAPAMRADI TAILAM,NALAPAMRADI CHOORNAM ,DEVATHALI SHAMPOO …. Yet to try … This tym going to order bestsellers as i will be in stage of maintain skin care routine .. so rose water ,kukumadi tailam yet to be ordered … 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  11. (verified owner)

    After long tiring day , or after office hours its such relaxing feel to use this white turmeric . I finished 3 bottles back to back . I am sure I will go back and back..
    It also removes scars on long use.

  12. Neha

    My story with shesha white kasturi majal is jus love
    I heard it from one of the blogger .And so i have tried
    Initially i felt its too pricey and felt like lets order it and see what miracles it shows. Then I got the parcel with small box, first sight review is they are jus looting our money and felt very sad what is this so much price n such small box. Then i qurentied it for a week and olanned to use one day
    I jus mixed it with curd and applied with no expectations
    Then i started using it every day for 7 day u see ur skin shines , u have that primer sort of skin specillay my nose,cheeks and forehead and it also get rid of acne marks.
    So for me penny of that product is worth
    Now m the owner of 3 dabbas of KASTURI WHITE MANJAL. Try out and u see the magic by urself
    Dont think as its quest so qiving this lenghy review . Pls do try and apt for bridal skin glow.

  13. Reshmi

    This is that one product which suits every skin type.. soothing coolness on application and brightened skin when washed off and to top it all,a tub lasts from good 3 to 4 months..a must try from Shesha

  14. Eleena Pattanaik

    Hearing so much good reviews I always had an eye on white kasturi manjal.And finally I get to try my hands on it and I would honestly say it did stand to my expectations.Though I dnt have active acne currently but I have got few acne scars and I have an oily skin and large pores.I started to see acne marks being faded and my pores little less visible after use.Since I use very less products and no actives in my skincare so I can definitely say that musk turmeric has helped my skin to a great extent.My absolute favorite ways to use the mask is mixing with curd.The instant brightness it gives is pure bliss.I use 4 times a week as it’s suitable for even everyday use.So it’s definitely a plus point.I hope it’s going to work more effectively in fading acne marks on long term use.Definitely a repurchase and worth the hype.

  15. Thoughtsofskin

    Kasturi manjal – its unique , whenever my gets irritated due to external or internal factors it needs something to calm and soothe , its KASTURI MANJAL , it cools my skin and makes it soft . I have been using it for a couple of weeks , but whenever I use I felt a noticable change after application,it will be my constant .


    This was my first product from shesha 😍 one of the best product especially it gives a super cooling sensation also gives me relaxation at the end of the day after completing all household chores and makes baby sleep in bed and after that applying this and sip of hot chocolate urff that relaxation is so heaven. Please never discontinue this product my staple one

  17. Sneh Razdan (verified owner)

    this ones really calm, non irritating and smell is soo aesthetic, it does calm down flared up skin,, although I am yet to reap its complete benefits have only used it with plain water or lavender mist.

  18. shraddha.manvi (verified owner)

    After trying the Neelibringadi Hair Oil, which was the first-ever product I tried from your brand, the second one I tried was the Kasturi Manjal Musk Turmeric and my gosh, what a brilliant product this is! I have never seen a turmeric-based product like this in any natural skincare brand portfolio, in India or abroad. It feels so cooling, smells delightful and leaves an amazing glow after washing off. And what a perfect time to pick this up as summer is here. But I imagine, this would work well in any season, because it is such a mood lifter too apart from providing skin enhancing qualities. I’m glad Shesha has come out with smaller sizes of this, which would be perfect for trial or travel. Honestly, for a weekend trip, I did not mind hauling even the 50 g tub with me. I wanted it so badly! 😀

  19. bubblyish10 (verified owner)

    I’m loving this product. Recently I was Tested covid positive after these steriod medications I had severe bumps acne on face , while I enquired team shesha whether can I continue to use their products instead of marketing they were very humble and truthful saying please consult a dermatologist and they dont want to risk since it’s involving skin also very sensitive one, but I had a strong belief and started using this pack weekly twice along with Tejaswini face wash cleanser to my Surprise those bumps acne vanished within a week. Such an extraordinary product this is . love team shesha for giving such natural products

  20. Geetanjali Iyer (verified owner)

    Love love and only lots of love to this amazing product. My first ever product from Shesha!
    I have been using Kasturi Manjal since my childhood mainly for facial hair.
    But had never tried musk turmeric. It is simply the best. Leaves your face refreshed and helps in calming any inflammations.
    The fragrance is another level! I just love it. Kudos to Team Shesha!!!

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