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Kasturi Nalpamaradi Body Ubtan

A Natural Skin Brightening and rejuvenating body ubtan for an ultimate bridal glow

Shesha Ayurveda Kasturi Nalpamaradi Skin Brightening Body Ubtan is a mild powder cleanser that suits all skintypes. It’s enriched with a unique combination of Ayurvedic ingredients along with the Kasturi Musk Turmeric and is perfect for gentle skin purifying and exfoliation. This herbal bath powder also contain Nalpamaradi Choornam which has antibacterial properties. With its medicinal and healing qualities, it makes an excellent alternative to bath soaps. Gently exfoliates the dead cells to rejuvenate and polish the skin, without stripping it of its natural moisture. It leaves a refreshing aroma and provide a healthy natural glow to the body. The unique combination of Ayurvedic ingredients works together to deeply cleanse the skin to reveal a natural glow and prevent body odour etc. Helps remove tan and skin feels soft and radiant from the first use itself. The ingredients have antioxidant, anti inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties.


Mix herbal bath powder with water/milk to make a paste and apply the paste all over the body. Leave it for 5 minutes  and gently scrub away the pack off the skin using warm water. If you want a very refreshing bathing experience, Use Shesha Ayurveda Nalpamaradi Thailam as a massage oil first , leave for 30 min and apply the paste of Kasturi Nalpamaradi Skin Brightening Body Ubtan  all over your body. after about 5-10 minutes, wash off by gently scrubbing off the ubtan using warm water. For best results, don't use chemical soaps.

Additional information

Weight50 g

Kasturi Manjal/Musk Turmeric (Curcuma Aromatica), Nalpamaradi Choornam ( Ayurvedic combination of four ficus tree barks - Athi (Cluster Fig Tree ), Ithi (Indian Laurel), Arayal ( pippala tree / peepal tree), Peral (Banyan Tree) ), Yellow Manjal/Haridra (Curcuma Longa), White turmeric (Poolankilangu), Vetiver(Chrysopogon zizanioides), Rose petals, Avarampoo(Senna Auriculata), Hibiscus petals(Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), Lotus petals(Nelumbo nucifera), Green gram(Vigna radiate), Bengal gram(Cicer arietinum), Vasambu (Acorus calamus), Neem leaves(Azadirachta indica), Korai kilangu(Nagarmotha), Vaasanai pattai(Arjuna Bark), Mahilam poo/ Magizhampoo (Mimusops elengi)

Store in a cool and dry place.

Once opened, use within 3 months.

Caution : Natural ingredients can be allergic to some people. Test patch on inner elbow or back of the ear and leave for 30 minutes. Discontinue if any irritation or redness occurs.