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Murivenna Pain Relief Oil

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Murivenna Pain Relief Oil


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“This vata-reducing traditional massage oil is an excellent wound healer, pain reliever. The anti- inflammatory properties of the herbal ingredients present in Murivenna makes it excellent for treating swollen feet due to fluid retention/ postpartum swelling of feet. Helps strengthen the bones, muscles, and joints. Traditionally used by the Kerala Kalarippayattu martial art performers and ancient kerala royal warriors.

The name Murivenna comes from two Malayalam words, ‘Murivu’ – meaning, wound and ‘Enna’- meaning, oil. Hence Murivenna is oil that helps in healing the wound. Murivenna rapidly helps reduce inflammation and is highly useful in injuries involving pain and swelling.  Murivenna quickens the healing process and gives almost instant relief from swelling, stiffness, pain, & inflammation, naturally. Though named as wound oil, it is conventionally used while bandaging fractures, for dislocation, sprain etc. Buy Murivenna Online from Shesha Ayurveda

  • Murivenna is a Traditional Ayurvedic combination that is excellent for wound healing
  • Heals wounds and burns. Helps heal and reduces scarring
  • Effective for sprains, joint pain etc
  • Has an analgesic effect
  • 100% Natural and Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation
  • Made in Kerala

Most effective way to use Murivenna is 'Sthanika pichu' menthod or 'local oil padding'  & Abhyangam

  • Take warm Murivenna Oil in a clean bowl and cotton cloths/pads that can cover the whole affected area. The thickness of the cloth should be half inch. Dip the cloth/pad into warm Murivenna oil.
  • The soaked cotton cloth is placed on the affected part for 15 to 30 minutes or more depending on the condition. The oil dipped cloth should be kept warm throughout the process by warming the oil and exchanging the cotton pads/ cloth periodically with the warm ones.

Pichu method is extremely beneficial for spondylolysis, fractures, strains, muscle pulls, cramps, contusions, burns etc.

Next method is

Abhyangam: It is a traditional system of full body massage using medicated oil. Murivenna oil is warmed and applied on the entire body,  From top to the soles of the feet.

Follow up with a warm bath using a mild natural soap or cleanser.

Please note : - If you have a medical condition/ pain on any body area ; It is strictly recommended to consult an ayurvedic doctor or practitioner as he or she would evaluate the patient’s indications, past medical conditions and prescribe an effective dose for a specific period.

Store in a Cool and Dry place. For External use only.

Shelf Life - Best before 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Once opened use within 6 months

Additional information

Weight50 g

Pongamia pinnata Lf., Aloe barbadensis Lf., Piper betle Lf., Moringa oleifera Lf., Erythrina indica Lf., Allium oschaninii Rz., Spermacoce articularis W.Pl., Asperagus racemosus Rt., Cocos nucifera Oil, 

Based on Ayurvedic Reference: Ashtanga Hrudayam, Murivenna is made of Karanjam, Aloe vera, Tambulam(betel), Sigrupatram(Moringa), Paribhadra, Palandu(shallot), Madanaghanta(Tharthaval), shatavari in a coconut oil base

Note: Color and the aroma of the product varies from batch to batch depending on the ingredient seasonal changes. You might notice very little amount of sediment, this is completely normal considering the raw nature of the product. Shake well before use.

Coconut oil being the base oil; Murivenna solidify at temperatures below 24°C, hence it is advisable to warm the oil before use.


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