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Nalpamaradi Choornam 50g

Nalpamaradi Choornam 50g

Ayurvedic Bath Powder

Net Weight: 50G

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Nalpamaradi choornam is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine used for the treatment of several ailments. This has a brown texture and a unique aroma. Nalpamara is a mixture of four ficus tree barks – Athi (Cluster Fig Tree ), Ithi (Indian Laurel), Arayal ( pippala tree / peepal tree) and Peral (Banyan Tree).
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What Makes Our Formulation Unique?

Cruelty Free
100% Natural
100% Ayurvedic
No Synthetic Fragrances
Non Toxic
No Mineral Oil
Alcohol Free
No Sulphates Or Colorants


  • Nalpamaradi choornam is a traditional Ayurvedic Bath powder made as per Ashtanga Hrudayam Reference
  • It is known for its benefits in treating skin diseases and for cosmetic purposes.
  • The water boiled with Nalpamaram is safe for bathing pregnant women, new mothers, and babies.
  • Nalpamaradi Choornam has anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial properties. It is also applied to areas of skin infections and allergies for healing.


Nalpamaradi Choornam: It is a Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine used for the treatment of several ailments.
Reduction of Stretch Marks: Regular use of Nalpamaradi Choornam in combination with oil massage can help reduce pregnancy stretch marks.
Postpartum Care: Nalpamaradi Choornam is commonly used in postpartum care, especially in Kerala, for its ability to promote skin health and healing after childbirth.
Relieves Stress and Fatigue: When applied as a thin paste and rinsed off with a hot water shower, Nalpamaradi Choornam can help relieve stress and fatigue, offering a rejuvenating experience for the body and mind.

How do I use it?

Step 1:

Water Decoction for Body Bathing: Empty the powder into a muslin cloth and tie it into a potli shape.

Step 2:

Immerse the potli in water and boil it.

Step 3:

Mix this decoction with an equal amount of normal water when the water starts to change color.

Step 4:

Ensure the water temperature is bearable for the body.

Step 5:

Use this water decoction for body bathing, especially for postpartum care. It is also beneficial for reducing pregnancy stretch marks when used in combination with Dhanwantaram Thailam oil massage.

Step 6:

Thin Paste Application: Make a thin paste of Nalpamaradi Choornam by adding warm water.

Step 7:

Apply the paste all over the body and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off with a hot water shower.

Step 8:

This method is excellent for relieving stress and fatigue and can be used by everyone, not just for postpartum care or baby care.



I have been struggling with skin allergies for a while and Nalpamaradi Choornam has been a lifesaver. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of this product have helped in calming my irritated skin and reducing redness. I am grateful for its effectiveness


I use Nalpamaradi Choornam for regular body bathing for myself and my newborn and it leaves our skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The aroma is soothing and it has a calming effect on mind as well. I would definitely recommend it to others looking for a natural and effective skincare solution. I follow up with bath after using Shesha Ayurveda Nalpamaradi Thailam


We recommend two ways to use it, empty the powder to a muslin cloth and make a potli shape and immerse it in water and boil it. Mix this with equal parts of normal water when the water starts to change color. This water decoction can be used for body bathing after ensuring water temperature is bearable by body. Bathing water is prepared using Nalpamaradi Choornam and Nalpamaradi Choornam is being widely used for post partal care especially in Kerala. After oil massage using Dhanwantaram Thailam, this water decoction is used for body bathing. Regular use of Dhanwantaram + Nalpamaradi Choornam bath would help to reduce pregnancy stretch marks.

Water for bathing baby could also be boiled in Nalpamaradi powder ( potli with Nalpamaradi Choornam) immersed in boiling water and later mix it with equal parts of normal water and make sure water temperature is bearable by body.

Grind required quantity into a thin paste by adding warm water and can be applied all over the body and wait for 5-10 minutes and do a hot water shower. It’s excellent to relieve stress and fatigue and can be used by everyone. Its usage is not restricted to postpartum care or baby care.

Additional Info

Make sure the water temperature is bearable by body. Not intended for use on hair.
Ficus Bengalensis St.Bk, Ficus racemosa St.Bk., Ficus religiosa St.Bk., Ficus Lacor St.Bk.
Take a little quantity and mix with water to make a paste and apply on inner elbow for 30 minutes and watch out for any reaction, irritation, redness or discomfort for the next 24-48 hours. Discontinue if irritation occurs.
Store in a Cool and Dry place. For External use only. Single use only


Country Of Origin: Made In INDIA

USP ₹ per gm OR USP ₹ per ml: 3

Manufacture License No: 12/25D/1995

Customer Support: & 7907095562

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Nalpamaradi Choornam 50g