Summertime skincare

Summertime skincare

Summer is around the corner. Even though it is not officially summering yet, the temperatures are high, and the sun is scorching. As a kid, each one would have waited for the summer vacations, for the schools to close, heading on to various destinations, meet your cousins, etc. But, today, the fear of heat and the after effects it causes on our skin leaves us perplexed, staying indoors all the while.

How does summer affect?

The increase of temperature during summer and humidity and heat increases the activity of the sebaceous glands. Oily skin becomes much oilier, and dry skin becomes patchy. The heat also opens pores that are otherwise clogged with oil and dirt, resulting in pimples, acne, and blemishes.

Summer can be fun if you follow certain Ayurvedic routines for your skincare

  • During summer, the dirt and oil build up is high, and hence it is better to exfoliate your skin regularly. The scrub depends on the type of your skin. You can use fullers earth (multani mitti), chandan, rose water (preferably Shesha Ayurveda's natural, steam distilled rose water), and leaves of holy basil in case of an acne prone skin and for dry skin, try using lemon, chandan (sandalwood), curd, kasturi manjal (authentic kasturi manjal is available at Shesha Ayurveda), and besan.
  • Tone your face with a combination of cucumber juice and aloe vera gel. This not only repairs your skin but also soothes it.
  • In place of moisturizers, you can use rose water and curd, and both provide a cooling sensation and a moisturized effect.
  • Use cotton pads dipped in potato juice for your eyes. It provides relaxation to your eyes. Cucumber and honey can also be used in the under eye region.
  • Use a cooling mist to keep your skin cool. Mix cucumber juice with rose water and mint and spray it on your face in regular intervals. This can provide a major relief to the skin. You can also use Shesha Ayurveda Mogra water as a facial mist.
  • A full body massage with coconut oil before a bath is ideal for summer. It calms and soothes the skin. Shesha Ayurveda's cold processed centrifuged extra virgin coconut oil is a better option rather than using other oils.
  • Go for ubtan powders, which exfoliates and soothes the skin, providing a refreshing feel. Shesha Ayurveda's Kasturi Nalpamaradi Ubtan is one preferred ubtan powder.
Apart from these, a regular diet and lifestyle change can also help combat summer.
  • Drink lots of water to replenish the lost moisture due to sweat. Drinking a cup of milk not only supplies nutrients but also helps keep the skin from drying out.
  • During summer, the pitta is at its highest, and hence it is better to indulge in a pitta pacifying diet. Go for fruits like watermelon, plums, berries, apples, pears and vegetables like tomato, cucumber, cabbage, and bell pepper.
Following the above tips you can stay both healthy and hydrated with all your skin problems taken care of.
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