Facial Exercises for a Glowing Skin

Facial Exercises for a Glowing Skin

Our skin, the largest organ, needs care and pampering. We lather it with products that keep it healthy, products that address all the skin's deep layers. While it is normal, it has been found that facial exercises can help keep your skin healthy and glowing. Like what exercise does to other parts of the body, facial exercises too tones, boosts, and lifts the face muscles.

How does facial exercise work?

Facial exercises increase the strength of the facial muscles. There is a loss of collagen, and doing facial exercises plump up those spots that lack collagen with ageing. Moreover, it also increases circulation and heat in that part resulting in firmer skin.


Indulging in facial exercises can help
  • Shape your face and contour them
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Reduce lines
  • Reduce tension
  • Rejuvenate skin

Facial exercise that you can practice regularly to attain a natural facelift

Massage your jaw line: For a better-defined jaw line, massage your jaw line with knuckles. This helps develop an acupressure-like motion and releases tension. You can follow this for your forehead, too, from the middle to the temples.

Massaging your chin and neck: Massage your neck and chin in an upward motion with your thumbs. You can practice this five times a day.

The kiss and smile: For a better glow for your skin, pout your lips and then smile broadly. Repeat this exercise 15 times a day for a youthful cheek and chin

Whistle and balloon blow: To reduce your laugh lines, blow your mouth as if you are blowing a balloon, and hold them in a whistling position. This can be done 5-6 times a day.

Puff your cheek: First, inhale deeply and then distend the air from cheek to cheek, puffing them up. Slowly release the air. This exercise makes the cheek muscles strong.

Chant Om with a smile: Chanting Om generally relaxes one's body and mind. Sit relaxed, close your eyes and bring a smile to your face. Your focus should be between the eyebrows. This facial yoga helps reduce wrinkles and provides a tightening effect.

Lifting your eyebrows: This exercise helps increase the glow on your face. Place your finger around half an inch above your eyebrows. Press downward with your finger while you need to attempt to push your eyebrows upwards. You can repeat this exercise 10-15 times a day. It helps tone the forehead and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Fish face: Keep your eyes wide open and pull the insides of your cheeks, making the face of a fish. Hold on for a while until your eyes start to water. You can then release the pose.

Stretching the eyelids: This exercise helps strengthen the eyelids and keep them from drooping with age. Look upwards, and raise your eyebrows. Slowly close your eyelids while still looking up.

Stretch your neck: For a well-toned neckline, stretch your face upwards and then outwards. Hold on to this position for a few seconds. You can repeat this at least 6-7 times.

The big O: Sit straight and widen your eyes. Stretch your lips in the shape of an O. Keep this pose for as long as you can. This increases blood circulation and keeps at bay the appearance of fine lines.

Making facial exercises a part of your daily routine provides you with the benefits. Apart from indulging in exercise, you should also provide the much-needed nutrients from within. One should ensure a balanced diet and skincare products along with facial exercises for healthy glowing skin. Shesha Ayurveda has a wide range of skin care products formulated in a natural way to provide the much anticipated glow and healthy look for your skin.

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