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Dhanwantaram Thailam Pre-Postnatal Massage Oil 200ml

Dhanwantaram Thailam Pre-Postnatal Massage Oil 200ml


Shesha Ayurveda Dhanwantaram Thailam is a traditional Ayurvedic formula that helps relieve body pain, rejuvenates the body and increases immunity. Regular massage using this Pre-Post Natal Massage Oil helps strengthen the muscles and improves the elasticity of the skin. Excellent massage oil which helps to reduce stretch marks during and after pregnancy.

  • Helps reduce stretch marks
  • Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation
  • Made in Kerala
  • 100% Natural
  • Improves skin elasticity

Note: Color and the aroma of the product varies from batch to batch depending on the ingredient seasonal changes. You might notice very little amount of sediment, this is completely normal considering the raw nature of the product. Shake well before use

Caution – Natural Ingredients can be allergic to some people. PATCH TEST is mandatory before adding any new product to your routine. Apply the product on your inner elbow/jawline and watch out for any reaction, irritation, redness or discomfort for the next 24-48 hours. Discontinue if irritation occurs. NOT MEANT FOR  PEOPLE WHO ARE ALLERGIC TO SANDALWOOD

**Not Vegan | Contains Milk

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Why Shesha Ayurveda ? What Makes Our Formulation Unique

  • Cruelty Free

  • 100% Natural

  • 100% Ayurvedic

  • No Synthetic Fragrances

  • Non Toxic

  • No Mineral Oil

  • Alcohol Free

  • No Sulphates Or Colorants

Dhanwantaram Thailam is a traditional Ayurvedic formula that helps relieve body pain, rejuvenates the body and increases immunity. Regular massage using this Pre-Post Natal Massage Oil helps strengthen the muscles and improves the elasticity of the skin. Excellent massage oil which helps to reduce stretch marks during and after pregnancy.

Buy Kerala Ayurveda Dhanwantaram Thailam Postnatal Massage Oil 200ml

This beautiful painting is by Raja Ravi Varma and it shows a mother’s unconditional love towards her child

Named after the God of Ayurveda, Dhanwantari– Dhanwantaram Thailam  Ref: Ashtanga Hrudayam is a classic Ayurvedic treatment for expecting and new mothers. Regular massage using this Pre-Post Natal Massage Oil helps strengthen the muscles and improves the elasticity of the skin, Helps reduce stretch marks etc.

Note: Color and the aroma of the product varies from batch to batch depending on the ingredient seasonal changes. You might notice very little amount of sediment, this is completely normal considering the raw nature of the product. Shake well before use

Buy Kerala Ayurveda Dhanwantaram Thailam Postnatal Massage Oil 200ml

Becoming a mother is a joyous moment in a woman’s life. Post-pregnancy, there are major mental and physical changes in the mother, which demand the right care for the body to regain the energy and strength like her pre-pregnancy body.

In Kerala, women traditionally follow the practice of Prasava Raksha in every home right after delivery. Pregnancy is a beautiful period in women’s life. Ayurveda has a well-developed branch named Garbhini Paricharya, which deals with pregnancy care, childbirth, and postnatal care

The most important routine recommended in Garbhini Paricharya is Abhyanga – an Ayurvedic practice of self-massage. It is one of the fastest ways to speed up postnatal recovery and gives her some much required time to look after herself. Ayurveda says, the 40 days proper rest and care after birth ensures good health for the next 40 years..

Motherhood is a special and joyous moment in a woman’s life. She transforms from a female to a mother by undergoing tiring physical effort during a labour. After this event, the women become extremely debilitated both physically and mentally and it is prone to occurrences of backache, weakness etc.

The first three months after delivery is very important for the mother. During this period, the expanded uterus shrinks back to normal position, ligaments, muscles and tendons associated with uterus start gaining back the lost power. Mother also recovers back the mental strength, which will be a bit low in the first week after delivery. But this is possible if her health is taken care of during postnatal period.

The postnatal period or Puerperium is called “Sutika kala”. The duration of Sutika kala is usually 1-1/2 month (45 days). Great emphasis has been laid on postnatal care i.e. Sutika Paricharya, as during this period she restores her health


Swasthasya swasthya rakshanam (स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्यरक्षणं)‘ –
To prolong life and promote perfect health (add years to life and life to years )
Aturasya vikar prashamanamcha (अतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनाम्चा)‘ –
To completely eradicate the disease and dysfunction of the body.


POSTNATAL CARE (Sutika Paricharya) is aimed at the care of these below
  • Restoration of Agni (digestive fire)
  • Normalisation of vata
  • Optimisation of quality of breast milk
  • To avoid exertion
  • Diet should be very light
  • To correct the Vata, oil massages are recommended
  • To prevent complaints during sutika kala such as UTI, Backache, loss of appetite etc.

External care: To calm the vata which was vitiated during postnatal period. some special treatments are needed. It include Abhyangam(full body oil massage) using Dhanwantaram Thailam, Balaswagandhadi Thailam etc. It helps to strengthen the lower back, hip area, bones, muscles and tendons.

Massage warm thailam for 10-15 minutes to strengthen abdominal muscles. Post 30 minutes bathe using water decon (Nalpamaradi Choornam) for a rejuvenating experience.

Thailams, Face Packs & Ubtans used by new mother help reduce stress, fatigue, balance doshas and help with faster recovery of post partum period


Empty the powder to a muslin cloth and make a potli shape and immerse it in water and boil it. Mix this with equal parts of normal water when the water starts to change color. This water decoction can be used for body bathing after ensuring water temperature is bearable by body. Instead of soap Use, Kasturi Nalpamaradi Body Ubtan to wash off thailam

Proper Postnatal care cause complete involution of uterus and other pelvic organs, so that they reach to their pre-pregnant state. In case of normal delivery, start doing Abhyanga after 1 week. if you had a c-section, please wait for fifteen days or take doctors approval before following any massages

Abhayanga (oil massage) have been described in all most all of Ayurvedic classics followed by swedana in the form of Vethu kuli. Udara Veshtanam (Abdominal Bandage) also advocated to hold abdominal muscles in place to avoid sagging ( consult your Ayurvedic Practioner to learn more about it) .

Ayurveda advocates Dhanwantharam thailam for Abhayanga during postnatal period generally. Abhyanga enhances release of oxytocin, improves blood circulation, relaxes body, promotes sleep, removes body aches, reduces stress, stimulates metabolism, relieves joint pain, nourishes skin and revives the mind and body as well.




Before we start talking about the usage frequency, always consult with your doctor. Doctors approval is mandatory before using any products during pregnancy. In Ayurveda, dhanwantaram thailam is described as a pre or post natal tratment oil. You may use it everyday or weekly thrice or as required. We recommend pregnant mothers to satrt using it from 6th month onwards here


Post natal( sutika paricharya) is a period after the child birth and the mother needs special attention during this time. This is specifically explained in ayurveda. After the delivery mother becomes stressed both mentally and physically and needs special care .This special care would help her to recover from the mental, physical and emotional stress. Starting from the sixth month of pregnancy, the expecting mother might start experiencing itchiness and dryness as the body stretches. This cause dryness of the area and further lead to stretch marks.


Abhyanga (“Oil massage”) is a form of Ayurvedic medicine that involves massage of the body with dosha-specific warm herb-infused oil. Abhyanga  also relieves post natal backache and joint pain. The mother should be given a rejuvenating body massage with Dhanwantaram thailam every morning, followed by hot water bath infused with Nalpamaradi Choornam. This helps to repair the dhatukshay, controls vata and relaxes the body.


Abhyanga or postnatal massage is usually started the fifth or tenth day after a normal vaginal delivery. In the case of a caesarean section, post natal massage is done after at least 21 days. The massage is always done in the morning followed by a warm water bath or warm water bath infused with Nalpamaradi choornam.

We recommend bath using Shesha Ayurveda nalpamaradi choornam as a bath water infusion post massage using Dhanwantaram thailam for good results. Prepare the water for bathing using nalpamaradi choornam. Pour the nalpamaradi choornam in water. Make sure the water temperature is bearable by body. Once the oil massage is done, please take the bath using nalpamaradi choornam. You may also put the nalpamaradi choornam in a clean muslin cloth to make a polki shape and immerse it in hot water. Use that polki to do hot compress post massage. It eases pain and helps relax muscles.

Dhanwanthatam helps to strengthen the muscles making them strong enough to hold the foetus and facilitate easier childbirth. Helps prevent stretch marks and improve the elasticity of the skin. It is beneficial for neurological and rheumatic diseases, as well as vata conditions


So, Stretch marks should be treated before they initially starts to appear. Skin stretches when it loses its elasticity. It can also occur due to weight loss/gain. One must start using Dhanwantaram thailam when the skin starts to strecth. keeping the area hydrated is the key. You cannot reverse stretch marks completely if it has already appeared. However, with regular use of Dhanwantaram thailam, to an extend you can change the way it appears. Over time, It becomes barely visible.


No, Anyone can use it. it is a general wellness oil as well. It’s unisex and anyone can use it. It’s one of the best oils for Abhyanga.

Take the required quantity and apply it all over the skin, leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes so that it's fully absorbed by skin. Follow up with a warm bath using a mild natural soap or cleanser.

Shelf Life : Best before 3 years from the date of manufacture. Once opened use within 6 months

Additional information

Weight300 g
Dimensions15 × 4 × 4 cm

Sida cordifolia – Rt., Uraria picta - Pl., Desmodium gangeticum - Pl., Aerva lanata Pl., Solanum Indicum Rt., Gmelina arborea Rt., Aegle marmelos Rt., Stereospermum suaveolens Rt., Oroxylum indicum Rt., Celordendrum Phlomidis Rt., Tribulus terrestris Fr., Hordeum vulgare Sd.,Zizphus jujube Fr., Dolichos biflorus Sd., Polygonatum cirrhifolium Rz., Polygonatum verticillatum Rz., Cedrus deodora Ht.Wd., Rubia cordifolia Rt., Lilium polyphyllum Rt., Fritillaria roylei Rt., Santalum album Ht.Wd., Hemidesmus Indicus Rt.,Inula racemosa Rt., Valeriana Wallichii Rt.,Malaxis acuminate Rt.Tr., Malaxis musifera Rt.Tr., Rock Salt, Milk, Trigonella foenum-graecum Sd., Parmelia Perlata Lic, Acorus calamus Rz., Aquilaria Agalocha Ht.Wd., Boerhaavia diffusa Rt., Withania somnifera Rt, Asperagus racemosus Rt., Ipomoea Digitata Rt., Glycyrrhiza Glabra Rt., Terminalia Chebula Fr., Emblica Officinalis Fr., Terminalia Bellirica Fr., Commiphora myrrha, Anethum sowa Fr.,Teramnus labialis Pl., Vigna trilobata Pl., Elatteria cardamomum Sd., Cinnamomum zeylanicum St.
Bk., Cinnamomum tamala Lf., Sesamum indicum Oil

Ingredients - English translation
Bala(Roots), Prishnaparni, Shalaparni, Polpala Cherula, Brihati (Indian
Nightshade), Gambhari (Beech Wood/kasmari), Bilva (Indian Bael),
Patala, Shyonaka, Agnimantha(Sage Glory Bower), Gokshura, Yava
(Barley Grain), Badara,kulthi (Horse Gram), Meda, Mahameda,
Himalayan Cedar/devadaram, Manjistha(Indian Madder), Ksheera Kakoli,
Ksheerashukla, Indian Sandalwood, Sariva, Puskaramulam(Kasmira),
Tagara ,jivakah, Rṣabhaka, Rock Salt, Milk, Fenugreek, Ashmapushpa,
Shiladadru, Vacha(Vasambu), Ksharaka , Punarnava, Ashwagandha,
Shatavari,vidari, Yashtimadhu (Mulethi), Myrobalan, Indian Gooseberry,
Bibhitaki, Bola(Gopaka), Shatapushpa, Mashaparni, Mudgaparni,
Elatarri(Trutih), Dalchini (Cinnamon), Bk., Tejpata (Indian Bay Leaf),
Sesame Oil

Dhanwantaram Thailam is recommended from the fifth month of pregnancy, continued post delivery, After one week in case of normal delivery and two weeks in case of a Caesarian, Follow the tratment for 40 days to strengthen muscles and firm sagging skin.

** Not Vegan | Contains Milk
It also helps pacify aggravated Vata and Kapha doshas in the body

Store in a Cool and Dry place. For External use only.

Note - Requires gentle massaging for the product to be fully absorbed. Always consult with your doctor before using any products during pregnancy

Note: Color and the aroma of the product varies from batch to batch depending on the ingredient seasonal changes. You might notice very little amount of sediment, this is completely normal considering the raw nature of the product. Shake well before use

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