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Made in Kerala

80+ years Ayurvedic Experienced Facility

100% Pure, Natural & Ayurvedic

100% Classical Ayurvedic Formulations; Our products are certified by the Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India.


Ships worldwide

International Shipping available using DHL express
Country of origin – INDIA

100% cruelty free

We have never and will never test on animals


Why Shesha Ayurveda ?


We stay deep rooted in our traditional values and we are committed to providing solutions that solves your hair and skin concerns. We have a range of Ayurvedic Products. From Oils to Powders to Ubtans, We have got everything covered. We make products that every age group can enjoy. All of our products are made in small batches using handpicked and carefully sourced ingredients that ensures efficacy and quality of our products. Through Shesha Ayurveda, We are bringing in Ancient Kerala Beauty Rituals to the outside world.

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Rejuvenate your skin, body and hair by indulging in 100% Authentic Ayurveda beauty & wellness products proudly made in Kerala. All Classical Ayurvedic formulations are made as per Ayurvedic reference texts like Sahasrayogam, Ashtanga Hrudayam, Yogaratnakaram etc and are made by experienced Ayurvedic formulators! Made in small batches to ensure quality and standards. Welcoming you all to experience Authentic Ayurveda from Shesha Ayurveda


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Real People, Real Results - Hear from our customers!

Our large number of return customers are our biggest strength. Read more on their real experience using our Authentic Ayurvedic Products

My aunt has received the parcel of pain relief oils this morning. I cant thank you enough for the quick service in these tough times. I ve been your loyal customer for almost the last three years now. And the experience has been an amazing one. Your oils are fantastic and i ve been using them on my kid ever since he was one. He is now four and we ve received innumerous compliments on how healthy his skin looks. My mom is nearing 60 and she has found great relief in using your pain relief oils. I can proudly say that i ve used almost all your products and i can vouch for each one of them.

I now recommend them to friends and family too. When i called your customer service team few days ago to deliver my aunt’s package as early as possible, little did i know that you would be so accommodating and warm. May God bless all of you abundantly for the wonderful brand that you ve created and carrying on. Please stay safe and blessed. Much much love to all of you at Shesha.

Not 1.. Not 2… This is the 3rd bottle of rose water I am in from Shesha Ayurveda. The rose water is in its purest to the purest form. Every spritz is uniformly distributed and no matter how lousy and lazy the day is, if you want to feel fresh and awakened, this mist is absolutely handy-dandy..! Well, I have been using this mist as a toner and as a body mist too (I smell roses for approx 2-3 hours). Rosewater helps to retain the natural PH of our skin. And when the rose water is in its purest form, why not splurge your money on a product which is worth every penny of yours. It calms your skin and best suited for my combination, not so acne-prone skin. Never gonna go back to so-called pure gimmicky rosewaters out there in the market. Love love Love Shesha Ayurveda Rose Water.

This is a gem product I must say. Best detaining oil when used regularly then we can see the results. I brought this product during my pregnancy when I am in 7th month due to lot of pigmentation around neck, underarms. Due to lot of iron, vitamins tablets I faced this issue before using this I just consulted my doc she said you can use it. Then started using this after a two months just before my due date my pigmentation got reduced alot. Used it regularly without missing a single. The glow I have is so real. First I haven’t expected the results but when I got the results just no words awesome product. Still using it continued it’s been nearly one year using it. This is my long term friend. Thank you shesha ayurveda for the beautiful product.

I bought eladi oil last year during the winter season. As i have super dry skin..i started using them..they kept my skin completely hydrated!! I used to develop skin flakes on my nose during the winter season and when I started using this oil the flakes slowly stopped and stopped coming again . Few days back i developed small bumps on my face that was because of heat and used eladi thailam daily in my morning routine and the bumps are reducing slowly. All thanks to Shesha Ayurveda only. And in one word Eladi is my go to for my face !!! Thanks for this wonderful product !!

This is the best hairoil you’ll ever spend your money on with possibly no side effects. It has reduced my bald patch and has given me confidence! It’s pure and unadulterated with beautiful texture and a divine smell! Just smelling it transports you to childhood champi (hair massage) memories! It has reduced my hairfall by 80 percent and I see visible hair length growth as well! Best investment for a haircare product!

This oil is a miracle in a bottle. A couple of months ago I had pulled a muscle in my lower back, I could not walk or even sit without intense pain. I tried everything, from tiger balm to other oils, and hot and cold compress for 5 whole days, but nothing worked. Finally I remembered this oil I had purchased and believe me, within 2 days of application twice a day the pain just disappeared. Same thing happened to my mom last week and I gave her this oil, she felt instant relief in a couple of days. Simply love this product.

A Yellow kasthuri manjal face pack can’t perform better than Shesha’s.The highlight is that Shesha’s face packs are so finely milled which results in a perfect paste like texture when mixed with liquids.
I used to face mask with homemade yellow kasthuri manjal pack which is not perfectly milled as shesha’s during my teenage .I stopped using yellow kasthuri manjal since then as it really irritated and heated up my skin…Simply I hated it.
When I got this as a giveaway product, I decided to use this (Since I have faith in every shesha product).Shesha’s yellow kasthuri manjal didn’t irritate that much nor heated up my skin.It felt so good !! Kudos to shesha for adding white kasthuri manjal,orange peel powder, Tulsi leaves to this pack which could be the reason for less irritation for my skin. For sensitive skin- White must turmeric is the best!

After trying the Neelibringadi Hair Oil, which was the first-ever product I tried from your brand, the second one I tried was the Kasturi Manjal Musk Turmeric and my gosh, what a brilliant product this is! I have never seen a turmeric-based product like this in any natural skincare brand portfolio, in India or abroad. It feels so cooling, smells delightful and leaves an amazing glow after washing off. And what a perfect time to pick this up as summer is here. But I imagine, this would work well in any season, because it is such a mood lifter too apart from providing skin enhancing qualities. I’m glad Shesha has come out with smaller sizes of this, which would be perfect for trial or travel. Honestly, for a weekend trip, I did not mind hauling even the 50 g tub with me. I wanted it so badly!

Kumkumadhi tailam was my first purchase from your site. As i have an oily skin, i was very skeptical about using this, but i couldn’t resist myself from giving it a try. I even apply and keep it overnight everyday as i dont want to wash off this precious goodie after an hours’ application or so…. It gives me a glow i never had before. My mom who was not a great fan of using tailam on face became addicted to this..Although it really bums me out that it is only of 10ml, i am really in love with this magic elixir….
Ps:- The packaging is so great…

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